Helping to make life 'calmer, easier and happier' for parents, teachers and children everywhere

Our Approach


When children and teenagers are at their best, it is easy to enjoy them, teach them, live with them and appreciate them. However, when they are defiant, argumentative or withdrawn, we all know how easy it is to get wound up, to argue back, threaten, nag and shout.

We can help you to break this cycle of arguments and defiance, by using our "Positive, Firm and Consistent" methods. You can help your children to become more co-operative, while maintaining a calm, loving atmosphere.

Our approach is practical, down-to-earth and solution-oriented.


Typical Topics We Address

  • Homework and Learning
    Reduce the frustration surrounding getting homework done - and done well

  • Sibling Squabbles
    Help your children to fight less and like each other more

  • Morning Mayhem and Bedtime Battles
    Make your morning and evening routines smoother, speedier and more relaxed

  • Meal Times and Nutrition
    Improve your child's table manners and food choices

  • TV, Video and Computers
    Transform your child's leisure time activities


Some of the Skills We Teach

  • Preparing for Success
    Focus on planning so that things go right, rather than on reacting when things go wrong

  • Descriptive Praise
    Motivate, teach and correct children through a new kind of appreciation

  • The Six Steps for Achieving Co-operation
    What to do when your child says no

  • Dealing with Emotions
    Help your children to express emotions appropriately rather than to behave inappropriately

  • Establishing Rules and Routines
    How to make your boundaries and expectations clear and then follow through calmly

Taster Options

You may want to have a taste of our methods and learn practical tips. To do this you can do any or all of:

Listen to one of our Audiobooks

Watch an Introductory Online Talk

Read Noel Janis-Norton's bestseller “Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting

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