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Calmer, Easier, Happier Mealtimes


• Would you like to help your picky eater become
  an adventurous eater?
• Do you want to stop making separate meals for your kids?
• Would you like your child to have more polite table manners?

It’s never too late to reverse mealtime problems – Find out how Noël Janis-Norton’s Calmer, Easier, Happier Mealtimes Audiobook can help your family.

(If you have a child with an eating disorder, these suggestions will help, but they will not be enough. It is essential that you and your child receive ongoing support from a mental health professional.)

Happy siblings

Why we want Calmer, Easier, Happier Mealtimes

Mealtimes are an important part of family life. They are opportunities for conversation, sharing and laughter. For many of us, dinnertime may be the only time when the whole family regularly comes together, so it is especially frustrating when complaining, squabbling, poor table manners or other misbehavior make meals less pleasant than we’d like.

Because food is so symbolic of love and nurturing, meals can be emotionally fraught for us. Many parents find themselves preparing a separate menu of so-called “kid-friendly” foods for their children. These foods unfortunately are often less healthy than what the adults are eating. Even the most nutritionally-savvy parent can fall into this habit as a way of avoiding tantrums and other “drama” where we least want it – at the dinner table.

Food issues are especially acute with children who are highly sensitive, both emotionally and physiologically. These children are often extremely sensitive to food flavors and textures and may reject entire food groups, like vegetables or fruit. They may end up subsisting on the highly refined, salty, sugary prepared foods which are unfortunately the least healthy for them.

The biggest reason parents turn to us for help
with mealtime problems

When parents come to us for help, it’s usually because they want to know how to get their kids to eat more than just a few things. Some are concerned about their child’s nutritional health and others just don’t want to make separate meals—they want their kids to be less picky. What almost all parents have in common is that they want to stop battling about food with their children. They’ve come to realize that all the nagging, urging, suggesting and negotiating doesn’t work and also makes mealtimes unpleasant.

Getting children to try, tolerate and like new foods is absolutely achievable, and we share step-by-step strategies to get there, such as the “First Plate Plan”. Thousands of parents around the world have used this approach to transform picky eaters into adventurous eaters. There is a parent story section in this audiobook where you can hear how parents are using this approach successfully to end mealtime battles.

Healthy eating and behavior

Many families have found that eating more nutritious foods actually leads to a noticeable improvement in their child’s behavior. It is well known that “whole foods” provide superior nutrition and minimize the highs and lows of spiking blood sugar which are common with highly refined, salty, sugary packaged foods.

Improving table manners

In addition to picky eating and nutritional issues, table manners are an issue for many families. We really aren’t doing our children any favors when we tolerate poor table manners. In order to fit in socially and feel self-confident when they are eating a meal away from home, children need to not only know what good manners are, but to automatically use them.

You will learn to effectively teach the table manners that are important to you, and to help your children eat a varied, healthy diet with the Calmer, Easier, Happier Mealtimes Audiobook.


The Calmer, Easier, Happier Mealtimes strategies are positive, respectful and practical. You can implement them immediately and see results.


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"One of our three daughters was a very picky eater, and we had many tears at mealtimes--it was extremely unpleasant for all of us. After using Noël's First Plate Plan, our formerly very narrow eater will now try anything and likes so many more foods. It's been two years since we changed our approach and the payoff has been big—mealtimes are enjoyable again."
- Melanie D.
Calmer, Easier, Happier Mealtimes audiobook

"A lot of previously "taboo" foods, like fish and ethnic dishes, became our kids' favorite after we started the First Plate Plan. Our kids also used to always want their meals completely compartmentalized, where no foods could touch each other. This method solved that problem too." - Saeed J.

"My 3 year-old daughter would eat only white foods like yogurt and pasta. Urging her to eat just made her dig in her heels more, and she would sit over her food for an hour. Our meals almost always ended in tears. The tools in Noël's mealtimes approach made a huge difference for us. My daughter now eats within 15 – 20 minutes, and even though she has sensory processing issues, the First Plate Plan has still been an effective way to get her to try and like new foods." - Tara B.

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